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Blue wooden shed in the grounds of Seamab School

“Universally and rightly, we all want to ensure that our families are adequately provided for after we die and once this provision is made, by leaving a gift in your Will to Seamab, you are providing a brighter future for our children in Scotland, and most importantly you will facilitate the best life outcomes for them after significant trauma. Even just 1% of your estate can make a huge difference.”

Legacies help us provide our children with an all-encompassing wrap round structure of specialist care, education and emotional support all of which is underpinned by our values. We want to ensure that we can continue to be there for children in Scotland when they experience significant childhood trauma.

A gift could help us pay for a term of electric motorbiking sessions for all of the children, building confidence.

A gift could pay for an electric mountain bike, electric mountain bikes have really helped to improve children’s confidence and resilience as well as, over time, improving physical fitness.

A gift could help our children attend outdoor pursuits, helping build relationships, co-ordination, confidence and teamworking.


“All of this contributes to changing the perception our children have of themselves from feeling worthless to feeling confident, resilient young people ready to learn and thrive with a future to look forward too.”

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about your intentions, please call: 01577 840317 or email: [email protected]

Legacy giving, your questions answered:

It is good to review it from time to time to make sure it’s still current, especially if there have been any births, deaths, marriages or divorces in your family. Ask your solicitor what will be the best way for you to add a gift to charity in your Will.

What information about Seamab will I need to give to my solicitor?

Your solicitor will need the following information:

  • Registered Charity Number Scotland: SC011002
  • Registered address: Rumbling Bridge, Kinross – Shire KY13 0PT

Your solicitor will also discuss with you what type of legacy you wish to leave to charity (explained below).

What different types of gift can I leave?

  • A specific gift is a possession or item such as jewellery, property or shares.
  • A pecuniary gift is a financial donation of a fixed amount. However, because of inflation, these are liable to depreciate during the course of your lifetime. That’s why some people may prefer to leave a residuary gift.
  • A residuary gift is all or part of what is left of your estate once your other wishes have been carried out.

How will Seamab spend my legacy?

We would kindly ask that you please consider an unrestricted gift towards our charitable work. This will mean that we can make sure your legacy is used most effectively, spending it wherever the need is greatest at the time. However, if there is a specific area of our work you would like your gift to support, please contact our Chief Executive Officer via email here and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

What about inheritance tax?

In most cases, your gift to Seamab will be exempt from inheritance tax. Your solicitor will explain how to make your Will as tax efficient as possible. They can also outline the rules that reduce the rate of inheritance tax for people who leave at least 10% of their estate to charity.

Should I let you know I’ve included Seamab in my Will?

We’d love to hear from you if you decide to leave Seamab a gift in your will, and if you are also willing to tell us what has motivated you to support our work in this way, your story could be a real inspiration to others.

Thank you, your legacy will help our children to achieve the best possible life outcomes in the future. One of our children wrote this heartfelt poem about their experience living at Seamab just before moving on:

I loved this class and all that it's brought,
I'll never forget all I've been taught.

When I came into class I could break like a glass,
But you've built me up so I can last.

When you came, you made me succeed,
To reach my goals and do good deeds.

It's time for me to leave, so please don't grieve,
What you have done, has made me believe.

I'm growing up, I'm moving away,
There's just one thing I'd like to say,
Thank you for your help every day.