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Seamab Care & Education
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Vision, mission & values

Our vision

That all children and young people are loved and respected. That they enjoy their childhood and achieve their full potential at school and in life.

Our mission

To provide a loving and caring school and home environment for children and young people up to the age of 18 with challenging or complex needs. We will build relationships where they learn to trust and be trusted, feel safe, and have fun. To educate our children in ways that work for them as individuals, including through the outdoors, play and adventures. To teach them crucial life skills in a stimulating and nurturing environment where every adult is focused on their happiness and wellbeing. To enable them to grow up to be confident, contented and valued members of society. Their voices will be listened to and be at the heart of everything we do.

Our values

  • Caring and nurturing – we provide a safe, caring, nurturing and learning environment where relationships are key to all we do. We will continue to foster a positive environment with a focus on health and wellbeing and developing skills for life.
  • Courageous – we accept the unique challenges of working with and teaching children with extremely complex backgrounds and educational needs. We will be resolute, brave and determined in doing whatever it takes to provide a loving, safe and fun environment which challenges them to reach their unrealised potential.
  • Resilience – we will build resilience within the young people we support and teach so they can have happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. We will ensure staff are supported so they have the capacity, capability and creativity to meet the variety of social and educational needs of the children, whatever those may be.
  • Ambitious – we are determined to raise expectations and teach our children and young people as they learn and achieve their full potential, putting their individual needs at the heart of everything we do.
  • Excellence – we will seek to innovate and strive for excellence in all aspects of care and education.
Woodworking shed shelf with wooden robots.

Our learning & caring philosophy


We accept children without condition and they are the centre of everything that we do. Our dedicated staff teams work together to create a community of safe and caring adults. We welcome input from our young people so that they help to shape Seamab and the way in which we grow and evolve. We accept that risk is part of learning and growing, and we work in ways that encourage healthy and appropriate risk-taking, in particular within our outdoor educational offering.

Love, care and nurture are central to the work of Seamab. The development of positive, healthy relationships is vital to human development and we work tirelessly to promote this ethos. We appreciate that our children and young people have often faced adversity in their more recent past and acknowledge and respect that.

Whilst we live in the moment with our young people, but through our support and encouragement we are positive about what our children and young people can achieve in the future. We are advocates for the power of play and the impact of having fun and we support our young people to experiment and explore whenever and wherever we can.